American Airlines is pleased to provide travel management companies and agencies with
this communications portal dedicated to the AA Direct Connect.

AA Direct Connect 

The AA Direct Connect is a direct link into AA’s host reservation system for the facilitation of availability, shopping and pricing, booking, ticketing, and post-ticketing servicing transactions. The AA Direct Connect utilizes modern technology links, employing XML messaging which can handle more robust and flexible transactions.

Merchandising and Direct Connect 

AA Direct Connect is designed to support future merchandising and ancillary services. Direct Connect provides the technical flexibility to provide enhanced offerings and customized services.

Direct Connect Enrollment 

Click here to send your agency profile information to AA. Once reviewed, you will be contacted with additional information about the AA Direct Connect.

Technology Pavilion 

The Technology Pavilion provides a list of technology providers who are either integrated, in the process of integrating or willing to integrate with the AA Direct Connect. This list will be updated as new technology providers express interest in the AA Direct Connect.